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Macbeth Motif Esssay The story of Macbeth is one that is read and used all over the world. Shakespeare had this way will words that everybody loved and could connect to. His plays captured audiences from all over and will forever be beloved. It is shown that motifs Blood and Hands accurately represent Macbeth and his character development. He starts out as this loving husband and known hero and in the end he’s a man that not even his own wife could cold and cruel. And lets just say “What is done, cannot be undone” (Macbeth pg.__) Macbeth started out as a hero. Everybody loved and was proud of him. Yes he killed, but he killed for his Country and for the people. The witches planted a seed in him and watched him destroy everything he ever knew. By the…show more content…
“Maybe they wanted to take a bath in their enemies' blood, or make that battlefield as infamous as Golgotha, where Christ was crucified” (Macbeth act 1 scene 2 pg__). Macbeth was famous in his time. He fought for his country and defeated every enemy. People were astouded by what he could do and praised him. He was a good man. “Macbeth split him open from his navel to his jawbone and stuck his head on our castle walls.” (Macbeth act 1 scene 1 pg__). All though this sounds horendous, this again was for Macbeths country. They were at war with Norway and Macbeath and Banquo were killing men left and right. “Will all the water in the ocean wash this blood from my hands?” (Macbeth act 2 scene 2 pg__). This was right after Macbeth had murdered King Duncan. He was imiadelty guilty at what he had done and was trying to wash it all away with water. The physical evidence may have been gone but Macbeth’s mind wouldnt let go of the fact the fact that he had just killed his King. “I’ll raid Macduff’s castle, seize the town of Fife, and kill his wife, his children, and anyone else unfortunate

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