Achilles Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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Comparison of Epic Heroes Heroes are always the best in their story but have you ever tried to compare two great heroes? Take Beowulf and Achilles for example. Beowulf was written by an anonymous person unfortunately. It was written around 750s. It was about a man named Beowulf who was a mighty hero who went and took on a mighty evil called Grendel and Grendel’s mother. The Iliad was written by Homer around 700 B.C. It was about a man who was half human half god named Achilles who was a mighty warrior. Beowulf fought for glory, while Achilles fought for revenge and there was a huge difference in what they fought for because of their cultural background. Beowulf was the greatest hero of his time because he was the strongest man in the world and would take on any challenge just for the simple fact that he wanted the glory from it. He did not care about…show more content…
He would go into a battle and kill a countless amount of men no matter how big or small they were. The reason he was able to do so, so well is because when he was but a child his mother dipped him into the river Styx and his was nearly invincible all except for his heels because that is what his mother held onto him by to make sure he wasn’t swept away. As he grew he was the greatest warrior there was he would do anything that he was ordered to do. His best ally was murdered by the Prince of Troy Hector. This caused Achilles to become very enraged so he set out to avenge his fallen comrade. So it is very obvious that Achilles fights for vengeance. Achilles said, “Patroclus, comrade in arms, whom I/ held dear above all others-dear as myself-/now gone, lost; Hector cut him down, despoiled him/ of my own arms”(Homer 14-17). He is very angry that he killed someone who was like a brother to him. What he means is that hector took his closest alley of who he cared about as much as he cared about himself and took him from his presence this

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