Comparing Children Of Men And Dawn By Octavia Butler

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“Children of Men” is a touching yet dramatic, suspense action and science fiction film directed by Alfonso Cuarón 2007, which depicts humanity at its weakest, where death, war, civil unrest, and eighteen years of infertility threaten the continuity of the human race. The salvation of humanity now relies on a young maiden and the child she miraculously births. The novel “Dawn” by Octavia Butler share similar themes with “Children of Men”, but more specifically the theme of hope for a better future, as humanity struggles tries to break away from the extraterrestrials that made them infertile is prominent. In both pieces, we can see how fragile and powerless the human race has become in its own self destruction, forcing humanity to depend on the tiniest shred hope for a new life. Even though both pieces are similar, the emotion towards infertility is completely different.…show more content…
A great deal of the success of humans comes from their ability to procreate and also the idea that the future of humanity depends on the succeeding generation. So the fact that the birth of this generation has not occurred, frighteningly predicts the death of humanity forever. Humanity has no control over their predicament and will try anything they believe to bring about the change out of desperation. This explains the wars and battles taking place between rebel groups and military in both the movie and the novel. Even though the source of this hope was not clear they still fight because of faith that someday a change will make a better

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