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A Personal and Academic Transition Instead of visiting the ocean and being slapped by waves or laying in my own boredom, I was granted the opportunity to volunteer for the Summer Laureate University for Youth (SLUFY) prior to my sophomore year. This program consisted of talented eighth graders encouraged to explore unique methods of study in mathematics and physics. During labs, I instructed students in basic algebraic concepts and Newtonian Physics. No, students did not just sit in class daydreaming while being lectured about the significance of pulleys and levers. Students were involved in activities such as engineering medieval weapons of mass destruction (marshmallow catapults) and participated in bottle rocket competitions. Within…show more content…
The classroom I had always known was replaced with a challenging environment that included in-depth lessons and a higher expectation of students from falcult. I was finally free to excel and to exhibit my true capabilities within the classroom. Moreover, there was an interest in education and a drive to be successful present among the student body. This concept of motivation is one that I struggled to grasp in the past; however, having been surrounded by driven peers prompted me to model their study habits. Attending ASMSA, I took a risk and left my family and friends behind in order not only to excel academically, but to advance in maturity. This is the type of community I experienced as I toured Temple University last summer. One that values diversity, innovation, and students who display a passion for learning. Not only is Temple University an academic institution, but a family that will better prepare me for future professions and lasting relationships with students. Whether it be in or out of the classroom, I have learned that there is always room for improvement in personal development and scholarship. Furthermore, Temple University ties these values together producing scholars who are prepared for interactions with colleagues and successful in any field of

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