'A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Wedding Banquet'

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to a groom. By this she means that the presence of Jesus demands feasting and not fasting. This metaphor is frequently used in the scripture to signify God’s grace. The mistreatment and killings of the king’s servant and his response are an allegorical allusion. These pertain to the killing of the prophets, John the Baptist and the destruction of Jerusalem. Reid added that the parable is a warning to the religious leaders in the time of Jesus. It focuses on how every Christians are expected to respond God’s invitation. Witherup (nd) mentioned marriage as traditional biblical symbol of the covenant between God and God’s people. The wedding banquet provides a symbol of peace and harmony one day in the kingdom of God. The wedding banquet has a metaphorical message that symbolizes the eschatological messianic kingdom and its joys (cf. Isa. 22:6; 62:1-5; Esdr. 2:37-41; Rev. 19:7-9; Isa. 54:5; Mat. 25:10). This metaphorical language gives us the Jewish glimpse of heaven that it is a banquet shared by all. As the Talmud says, "This world is like the eve of Shabbat (Sabbath), and the Olam Ha-Ba (After life) is like Shabbat. He who prepares on the eve of Shabbat will have food to eat on Shabbat." We prepare ourselves for the Olam Ha-Ba through Torah study and good deeds. In conclusion, Hultgren (2000) said the…show more content…
Tumilang (2007) defined Kanyaw as a “festival” or ceremony, or liturgy, or service, rite or ritual offering. In this feast or gathering there must be these three components: (1) a substantial supply of food that includes, “(2) a free flow of “spirits”, preferably tapey or rice wine, and (3) Igorot dancing to the music of gongs. All this to last for at least a day. Kanyaw is a feast, lasting for at least a day, where plenty of food and drinks is served, with dancing to the music of gongs” (Botengan 2013, np). This is also how Peterson (2010) defines kanyaw in his article emphasizing dance in

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