A Rhetorical Analysis Of David Beckham's Advertising

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The text sited at the bottom. Beckham mentions that he has been to “three world cups”, which is factual data that supports that he is successful. By giving the name of the type of watch that appears in the advertisement, Rolex is further increasing their logos. Rolex is using the fact that David Beckham is a well-known athlete to promote the purchase of rolexes. The short biography that is sited at the bottom of the advertisement describes Beckham as high achiever, charismatic, and successful. With all of Beckham’s achievements endorsing the Rolex leads consumers to believe that success is due to him having a rolex, a very expensive watch. The message sent by this is that those that go for the gold or in this case cup own a Rolex. This is exaggerated by the blurb presented after the presentation of David Beckham: “Rolex. Live for greatness”.…show more content…
This tells about his true profession as an athlete. Also, the brand of Rolex demonstrates ethos as it is a expensive and popular brand of watch. Yes. They used a celebrity most people know to endorse a product and reference it to his sports career and greatness for you to by one so you can be like him. https://happinessequalsoutlook.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/david-beckham.png The brand mini cooper and the cars classic line “let's motor” after the movie references is a use of logos. The people who created the mini cooper ad used the references to Dukes of Hazzard to make you be able to relate to the ad. The advertisement uses ethos by the references to “daisy-duke it” “bo and luke it” from the movie Dukes of Hazzard. Yes. Logos was hard to do there wasn’t much to work with but the movie references in the movie to this vehicle ad and the movie references were a great touch nobody seems to use those.

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