Romeo And Juliet Vs West Side Story

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Have you ever thought how many different stories are based off of Romeo and Juliet? West Side Story is one of those stories. Romeo and Juliet has similarities and differences to West Side Story in their main boy characters, girl characters, and antagonistic characters. Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story are alike and different through the main boy character. In Romeo and Juliet the main boy character is Romeo who grew up in Verona, Italy where he is a high class Montague. Nonetheless, Tony, the main boy character from West Side Story, is a poor New Yorker and former gang leader of the Jets. Moreover, Tony is different because he never loves someone before he meets the main girl character, Maria. This is unlike Romeo who when talking about…show more content…
On the contrary Tony never actually marries Maria. Yet, somehow the story of these two boys who are from very different origins are very similar. For instance both Romeo and Tony towards the beginning of the stories find a girl from the enemy of their sides. Likewise they both have one of their best friends getting killed. Then both Romeo and Tony go after the person who killed their friends, and kill them. However Tony killing Bernardo was an accident, while Romeo killing Tybalt was on purpose. Both stories also had fatal ends with both Romeo and Tony dying at the end. However, Romeo chose to take his own life but Tony gets killed by Chino. Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story are also alike and different in the main girl characters. The main girl character in West Side Story is Maria who is a poor Puerto Rican whose brother belongs to a gang called the Sharks. However the main girl character in Romeo and Juliet is Juliet who is a rich Capulet. Maria and Juliet are very different in their…show more content…
They are different in how they act because in West Side Story almost everyone except Maria and Tony are knowingly antagonist and are trying to make trouble. An instance of this is when the officer is talking to the Jets and one of the members of the gang just turns his back to the officer just to make him mad and throughout West Side Story they’re a lot more types of those instances. On the other spectrum of things there are a lot of people in Romeo and Juliet who antagonize, but most of them do it unknowingly. An instance of this would be Friar Lawrence giving Juliet the potion to make her sleep and look like she was dead. He did not know that the letter to tell Romeo what happen wouldn’t get to him, setting off a chain reaction in which Romeo and Juliet kill themselves. There is one person in Romeo and Juliet that knows they are an antagonist and that is Tybalt. He is always trying to fight and egg people on. An instance of this is when the two families are fighting. Benvolio is trying to break up the fight and when Tybalt sees this he says,” What, drawn, and talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have as thee, coward?” In the quote you can see that he is just trying to get a stir out of him and start a fight. The antagonist are the same in both stories, they start off fighting in a public place and the fighting keeps going until the main

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