A New School Changed My Life Essay

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I have studied in Ukrainian school for 8 years. From my experiences I have many memories about that time and I chose disadvantages, because they are more relevant to what I want to point out. I am going to notify, how a new school has changed my life and demonstrated me a new side of the world, and I owe it all to my parents. Teachers are the most valuable in the school. In Ukraine they were really strict and wanted students to be excellent at the young age, that made me depressed, because until 6 years I was living without any pressure, without doing any homework and without any responsibility about my grades. I was very shy and I was scared to communicate with professors, they said that I was slow. As a result, I had awful grades, and a…show more content…
The school is gigantic and fascinating. I see different buildings, large playgrounds, football pitch, gym, swimming pool and it is all for students. I hear the voice of cheerful students. It is not a school - it is a dream. The school was calling me to study, and even now I can hear it. In ISL I changed like a person, now I am not afraid of saying what I think and what I know, because I trust to my abilities, teachers are friends here, they are always willing to help and explicate the material. Now, classes are enjoyable, teachers are more creative, every time they give us new information by using different techniques, for example, we make different projects, presentations, experiments and often working in a team. Everybody is more opened here, that is why I feel cozy in this school, like at home. Teachers think about your free time, and this is very important, because our brains need some time to have a break, they always check if we have too much homework for other classes or not. In my previous school, no one cares about this specific issue. I had not enough time to sleep, and to spend time with friends. That was very complicated to live a normal life, and to get excellent score. For example, once I said to the teacher that I have to practice for my maths test and I can’t finish my homework, but her answer was ridiculous because she
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