A Literary Analysis Of Nancy Keesing's Children

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Long summer scorched, my surfing children Catch random waves or thump in dumpers Whirling, gasping, tossed disjointed. I, watching, fear as they make be broken- That all those foaming limbs will never Reassemble whole, together All under such a peaceful sky All under such another sky Nancy Keesing was a Jewish Australian writer and editor. Nancy Keesing was born in Sydney, Australia and attended school at Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School, then went on to the University of Sydney. Before her death on 19 January 1993, she had written a total of 26 volumes. Nancy Keesing had written poems predominantly in the World War 2 era. Nancy Keesing was also a social worker at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children (1947-51). The poem “Children” written by Nancy Keesing describes and contrasts two different lives of children from two different places in the world. Keesing symbolizes innocence so we are positioned to feel sympathetic for the victims who are constantly being tortured at war. Keesing has used numerous literacy techniques to help illustarte the difference between the two lives, and create imagery by using personification and visual…show more content…
For example the word, ‘thump’ onomatopoeia, is used to capture the sounds of the harsh waves. Also in this poem, alliteration is used, and example is I, watching, fear - those foaming limbs, the constant use of the letter ‘F’. Foaming limbs, it draws attention as it tells the reader the reality of what is happening in this stanza. Strong alliteration is used in the first line, as the letter ‘S’ is used frequently, Long summer scorched, my surfing children. It emphasises on the two children enjoying themselves on the beach on a scorching summer

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