Explain How Often You Have Participated In Institutional Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning How often you have participated in institutional strategic planning? I have been involved with two different strategic plans. The plans have been implemented in 5 year increments. I am a part of the President’s Cabinet and this is my 1st opportunity to participate in the development of the plan. I was in charge of creating a diversity plan that is a subset of the strategic plan. We also have other plans that make up the strategic plan. Do you know who develops the plans? The president and his direct reports met, and we reviewed the last plan that was developed by the President. MSU plan is called ASPIRE and it is based on Academic Excellence, Student Success, Productive Partnerships, Improved Infrastructure, Resource…show more content…
We also look to see if different strategies needed to be implemented or removed. Do you have access to the plan? I do keep a copy of the plan because I think it is very important that an institutional also have operational plans. The president has asked each organization to have an operational plan. As a part of their operational plans, I will be asking each vice president how diversity is incorporated in their plans. Where is it found? The strategic plan is found on our website, and I keep a hard copy in my office as a reference as to ensure that we are doing what we say that we do. Faculty/Teachers How has the demographics of faculty changed during your tenure as a higher education student? I have been exposed to diverse faculty and staff my entire college career. The one thing that I will say that has shifted is to see more female professors in math and sciences, and as chairs of departments. The number of female college presidents have increased and I would say that has been because of the mentorship that some have received. How many female and minority faculty members have you been exposed to during your

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