A Connecticut Hankee In King Arthur's Court Summary

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Lukas Snycerski Snycerski 1 Mrs.Wescott English 8 period 2a 2 October 2015 Book Report Title of book: A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court Author: Mark Twain Place of publication: Date of publication: 1889 Number of pages: 328 Artistic quote: It was very, very lofty: so lofty that the banners depending from the arched beams and girders away up there floated in a sort of twilight; there was a stone-railed gallery at each end, high up, with musicians in the one, and woman, clothed in stunning colors, in the other. (pg. 81) Context: Hank is in King Arthur's court yard getting ready for his trial. The vary spacious court riim interests him as he takes in the beauty. Commentary: I can picture being in King Arthur's court room admiring…show more content…
(pg. ) Context: Hank is in the woods talking with the poor freemen and decides to smoke some tobacco. The freemen had no idea what tobacco was and franticly ran into the forest thinking Hank was a dragon. Commentary: Smoking is popular today just as it was in the 18th century where Hank lived. Smoking is very addicting and hard to stop once you start so Hank probably felt an urge to smoke not knowing he would scare the free men. Smoking will most definitely never go away and will always be addicting. Artistic quote: The sparking eyes and the delighted rubbing of hands made eloquent answer- this reverend crowd would like to know what the monarch was at, just at this moment. (pg. 165) Context: Hank is getting ready to leave and go on a mission to see how it is to live as poor people when a crowd confronts him. The crowd wishes to know how the government is right at that moment and is threatining to spread rumors about him. Commentary: The position Hank is in is a tough position that I can picture myself being in. Being confronted by a group of angry people and having to answer tough questions about something you know very little about is very

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