9th Grade-Personal Narrative

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In ninth grade, I had the biggest crush on a new guy in our grade. He was as cute as a puppy cuddling with a kitten. He’s name was Zeke; he had bright red hair and baby blue eyes with little green specks. Even though he was in all my classes, I didn’t talk to him for two months. That is, until he came and talked to me one day. That was the day everything changed. I was walking from science to algebra one day, when I bumped into someone, dropping all my books and binders. It was almost like I had ran into a brick wall. Suddenly, the brick wall spoke. “Are you okay?” I was about to reply, until I looked up and saw it was Zeke. I looked back down and started picking up my books. He bent down and started to help me. After I had all of my books

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