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Yusef Komunyakaa was an American Poet Writer who went to the Vietnam War and was left with after thoughts about his time in the war. Yusef Komunyakaa talked about the African American experiences that other poets did not discuss, Yusef important insights from the black experience through the Rural Southern life before the Civil Rights era and the experience as a solider during the Vietnam War. Although, Komunyakaa had the passion for jazz and blues he enlisted into the army right after high school in 1965 and served as a correspondent and editor of the southern cross (1969-1970) receiving the Bronze star. Komunyakaa returned to the United states to finish his education receiving his bachelor's degree from the University…show more content…
Komunyakaa is a recipient of the 1944 Kingsley Tufts poetry award for Neon Vernacular and the 1944 Pulitzer prize for poetry, he also received the Ruth Lily poetry prize. Komunyakaa received the 2007 Louisiana writer award for his enduring contribution to the poetry world. Komunyakaa is the recipient of the 2011 Wallace Stevens Award. Yusef had plenty of careers (jobs) that he worked throughout his lifetime after the war, he was a New Orleans public school Elementary teacher. University of New Orleans- lakefront instructor in English and Poetry; Colorado State University, Associate instructor of English Composition 1976-78, Writing instructor to remedial English Composition 1980. he also worked at the University of New Orleans instructor in English , Composition and american Literature 1982-84; Poet in the New orleans school 1984-85, Indiana University at Bloomington, visiting Assistant professor of English 1985-86, Associate professor of English and African-American studies 1986-93, The University of California, Berkeley visiting professor of English, fall 1991 Holloway lecturer, spring 1992. UCCA and Riverrun University of Colorado editor 1973-75; Gumbo: a magazine for the arts , Co-editor and publisher 1976-1979; he also worked in Indiana as a Review Administration Consultant

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