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A few years ago I moved from my home Brazil to my new home California it was not something easy and simple a I thought it would be. Life in brazil was not really great but also wasn't horrible it was in between. Moving was hard I didn’t only change your life and what you did on a daily bases but they way you did things your culture, religion, work, food it was all really different new things to me. I am catholic and always have been in brazil it was different the way they did mass here in California was similar to it be not the same. I would go to a school where everybody knew each other. Schools here are very very big and had so many kids not like brazil the rooms in a classroom were half the size a room here. There are so many religions here and brazil we had one major which everybody mostly would do which was catholic. Even though we moved to a very different place with lots of new things that didn't mean that i would have to change who I am and where I came from. It’s the people who can handle change that are truly strong not the wisest nor the strongest.…show more content…
The dad still wanted to follow with the tradition that he’s been doing since he was little but once they moved to the city the mom didn't want anything to do with the tradition. For example in this quote it is proof of the mom wanting nothing with the tradition “When he brought home his horn and hides my mother said get rid of them”(39). I could relate to this quote of the story because when I moved from brazil to california my uncle wanted to become christian and our family has been always catholic but my uncle was starting and wanting to forget where she came from and who she

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