Josie Moonjumper Monologue

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Hesh up! Today I am telling the story of an extraordinary, sometimes called buckskin girl named Josie Moonjumper. Many folks say she was born in Virginia, but I reckon she was born in Oregon, right here about ten miles nigh my grandmother’s farm. Although with an appearance like any other baby, Josie was born standing up and talking back. “What a great sichuachen,” her mother exclaimed on her birth day as family and friends whooped and hollered away at the sight of the new baby. Suddenly growing about a foot taller, Josie stood up and retorted, “What’s with the balderdash?” Stunned, the family became very silent. Josie was done gone before the folks had time to react to what just happened. Within a minute or two, she was the talk of the village. The villagers, including me were standing in a circle around Josie. Already showing a larger than life attitude, it was not the end of the amazement that was and is Josie Moonjumper. Also, of course, she could hear about thirty miles away. Everybody cooed her; exclaimed at such amazement, and right there in the middle of the circle, she had an almighty conniption fit. Oh, what a great sight that was. However, in a flicker of a second, in which many folks missed, Josie jumped so high, she touched the moon!…show more content…
Ever since then, she seemed to solve about a million issues per day. Every week, since her birthday, she grew taller, her voice somehow deeper and of course, louder. When she was two, she had grown so tall and large, whenever she threw a fit, she caused an earthquake. The village, however, overruled the good of her powers to the

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