Who Is Todd Anderson In Dead Poets Society

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The Film Dead Poets Society took place in 1959 in Vermont. The movie follows the students at the respected "Welton Academy," a preparatory school. Welton, like many prep schools, admitted only boys. The movie centers on the influence Mr.Keating, a young and passionate teacher, who is determined to teach his students beyond the conventional means and parameters. He wants is students to challenge themselves, therefore reaching their full potential as a good writer. One Character in particular that comes into his own skin is Todd Anderson. At first, Todd is very quiet with not much to say. He is the youngest of his family and has many expectations laid upon him due to the success of his brother, who also went to Welton and was Valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar. Todd was also very shy. He didn’t speak to anyone of authority, including answering questions in class without sounding insecure. Even in the Dead Poets Society, Todd was an observer, not a participant. He was afraid to read out loud and afraid to participate. As the movie goes on Todd starts to become comfortable around his friends and he starts to open up. He starts to find himself and participate in the “Dead Poets Society”.By the…show more content…
Knox is the romantic of the group; he is the one that lusts for love from a girl that was nearly impossible to get. Knox’s obsession day in and day out was Chris. His entire existence revolved around her (his thoughts, poetry, behavior, etc) He broke rules to see her, competed for her attention with her boyfriend, and sacrificed his relationship with his family and with the Danburry’s. Sadly enough Chris is dating Chet Danburry and they are practically engaged. After that initial meeting, Knox does everything in his power to win her over. Knox was the lucky one of the romantics, as the only “authority figure” he came into contact with was Chet, and Chet really wasn’t much of the authority figure that Mr. Perry was to

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