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On the other hand, Susan (played by Gladys Reyes), one of Marilou's best friends, also plays the role of a wife. However, unlike Marilou, Susan does not seem like a meek woman. It seems that among her friends, she is the most outspoken. Among Marilou's friends, she is the one who usually pushes her off her passive and compliant image as a woman. However, Susan also has her share of trouble with society's expectation of women. In the beginning of the film, it was seen that she has many children and is pregnant again. In a scene, Susan and her friends discussed how much she was hoping for the baby to be a boy. Apparently, Susan is already physically and mentally tired of responding to her husband's sexual urges and giving birth multiple times.…show more content…
However, the tone of the persona in the first part of the poem where she is still young seems to be a little different from the second part of the poem where she has grown up to become an adult. Although she is still entrapped in her "fishbowl" in the second part, it would seem that she has learned to conform and appreciate the "fishbowl" that used to restrict her. Looking carefully, the first line "As a tot she was surrounded by fishbowl silence" transformed into the last phrase "She is protected by her fishbowl silence". Here, the words "surrounded" and "protected" seem to have different meanings. At the first part, the word "surrounded" seem to give off a feeling of being caged and put in a place where one cannot get in or get out. However, the word "protected" in the second part seem to imply that instead of feeling burdened by the presence of the "fishbowl", the heroine feels more relieved and safe from…show more content…
At one point, when Marilou discovers that Mayor Bartolome is abusing Cecilia, she just laughingly dismissed this and admits that she gets even with him by clawing and punching him as well. Unlike all the women mentioned, only Cecilia has retaliated through physical means, not counting Susan's chili prank. Despite knowing that she is physically weaker than her oppressor (in this case, her husband), she did not freeze in fear and instead decided to fight back, which is a really courageous

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