Who Is Skoglund's Radioactive Cats?

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This photograph is fantastic. Skoglund’s use of young bright green cats to dominate the frame grabs the viewer’s eye and pulls them in. The viewer is also wondering why there are so damn many cats, or even why the couple is not angry or even motivated to change the apartment. The coupling of live models and the plaster cats within the Frame are outstanding and the sense of movement that was ready to bring around the cats is even additional element that makes the piece. The distinction between the greys and the bright green attracts the attention and provides the sense that the cats have the bigger power. The title, Radioactive Cats, makes the photograph rather self-explanatory. The nuclear blast is the probable factor to the cat’s radioactive…show more content…
The hidden lines in various forms also give motion and disorder. Each horizontal and vertical straight lines will be found in the chair, table, and fridge. The chair that has fallen over has many samples of beautiful lines. The 24 cats contain several lines similarly to the chair. They aren’t real, Their size and form also are very realistic. The table, chair, and refrigerator have rectangles made by lines. This idea will be seen within the window and the radiator that are against the rear wall. The gray tones with the exception of the bright green cats and the skin tones of the older couple. The composition of the photograph with the cats placed in every corner however the attention tends to be drawn towards the middle as a result of the bulk of the cats are either facing the middle or appear to be moving towards it. The aspects of the photograph that was created, just like the furniture and the cats, are scaled to the live models. There is implied texture throughout, the cats and article of furniture have a rough texture and the walls have a roughly painted and distress texture. The photograph emphasizes the bright green cats that appear to dominate the area. Though they are plaster sculptures, they bring movement to the piece and with their lifelike shapes, These cats are cool looking in an otherwise boring and lifeless

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