Grace's Poem About Riding The Intimidator

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During Grace’s first day of school she was assigned to write a poem about what she did over summer vacation. She was eager to write a poem about riding The Intimidator, which was the largest wooden rollercoaster in her county. She wanted the reader to experience the ride with her, so she knew she needed to include a lot of sensory language. Sensory language is language that engages your five senses. For example, the reader will know how Grace felt on the roller coaster if she described her palms as sweaty and damp. If Grace wanted the reader to see what she saw while on the coaster she could describe racing lights whizzing by. To engage the sense of taste she could describe the humidity as being so thick you could taste the moisture…show more content…
For example, you can express your excitement by describing butterflies in your stomach and your hand jittering with nervousness. Convey your ideas by incorporating words that enable the reader to engage their five senses while reading the text. Heather wrote a poem about the time she went on a road trip with her mom to Florida. A few miles into the trip the car broke down and they had to pull off on the side of the road on a hot, sticky day. Her poem describes their journey to get the car fixed and continue the road trip. In order to get the reader to experience the trip she incorporated sensory language. She talked about the dust from the road smothering their nostrils, the extreme thirst parching their throats, and their fists clenched with frustration. By engaging the five senses through sensory language Heather was able to draft an engaging poem. Kevin is planning on writing a poem about how much he hates to do his chores. He is hoping to convince his parents to lessen his responsibilities at home. In order to invoke their sympathy, he is including a ton of sensory language. He wants them to feel and experience the agony he feels while completing

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