What Are The Arguments Against Banning The Box

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Oakland is full of unfairness in my point of view criminals are not getting money,dying, or getting sent back to jail because business owners are not giving them the chance to work and giving people the opportunity to work will make better economy and better community. Banning the box can give millions of people chances to work. Ban the box is this box that everyone wants to ban the box because it prevents people from working and not giving people the chances to work will send them back into jail like in the article Call the Ban the box , it says “ When i got out of prison 30 year ago , the only job i could get took me right back inside the gates of san quentin, this saying that not giving people the chances to work is that when they do get a job it will be one that will send them right back into the gates.” I think that not giving people the chance it will send them back so giving them a job will help them out and their families. City of Oakland should Ban the Box because criminals need a second chances to work and have responsibility and also because not having the chance to work will send people right back into the cell.…show more content…
Also in this other Cartoon called the Prisoner Re-Entry Cartoon it shows how every prisoner the only door they have open is the jail door because that's the only place they're going without that second chance of being able to work. I believe that prisoner don't have a chance to get a jobs because the store owners don't want criminals. Also with the box many ex-criminals won't get a chance to work therefore criminals will go back to killing, and robbing the

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