Trash Free Lunches Research Paper

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Do you think kids should need to pack trash free lunches? Well, the real answer is… No. Kids today should not have to pack trash free lunches for many reasons. For one thing, germs can easily spread with reusable containers. Also, it takes a lot of time to pack trash free lunches. Lastly, while some think they are saving money while buying reusable containers, they are actually wrong. So, kids should not need to bring in trash free lunches. One reason of why kids shouldn’t need to bring in trash free lunches is because there can be a spread of germs. Germs can grow and spread when the container isn’t washed properly. Also, these germs can get in kids foods and make them sick. Lastly, these germs can get into other kids’ food and they could contract the germs as well. Would people buy trash free lunches if they knew that they might get sick? Probably not, and people also wouldn’t buy containers and other waste free items if they knew how much time it would take.…show more content…
In the Story Works passage, a boy, Ethan, says that mornings at his house are really rushed because his mom packs a time consuming, trash free lunch. It is much quicker and more efficient to use food that is already packaged. Parents have to go to work and eat and check in with friends in the mornings, and therefore they don’t have time to pack trash free lunches, and so when they are rushed to do so, they, or kids, forget things. Imagine forgetting homework just to pack trash free lunch! This is just one more reason of why people shouldn’t pack trash free

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