Toronto Descriptive Writing

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With butterflies lingering in my stomach, my luggage in hand and my sister beside me, I was ready to head to Toronto for the weekend. All year, since Christmas, I’ve been waiting for this trip. My big present was tickets to see my favourite band, One Direction, live. The wait was gruesome, but as the day approached, I was filled with mixed emotions. I couldn’t understand how I was both nervous and excited. Climbing into the train that we were taken, there were about ten other teenage girls who were also attending and at all the other train stops we passed, there were several fans with posters, shirts, and even face pain which made me feeling slightly unprepared. As we reached the beautiful, but hectic city of Toronto, you could instantly feel the energy. The busy streets filled with unique faces, the cars speeding by and honking at everything, the tall buildings that made your neck ache trying to look at the very top. The energy only added to my excitedness. For some people, this could be an awful place to be but, for me it was…show more content…
I jumped up, screaming with the crowd as the boys came out and starting singing the first of many songs. For the next two hours, they sang and I sang along, knowing most of the words. I also danced like nobody was watching even though, I’m sure the people behind me were watching and judging me but, in that moment I didn’t care. I was on cloud nine, and it felt like time frozen and it was just me and the boys of One Direction. As it came to a close, I was filled with so much adrenaline. I wanted to experience that moment all over again but sadly, I couldn’t. As the thousands of fans scrambled out, I clutched onto my sister’s hand, not wanting to lose her. As we finally reached our hotel room, my throat was killing me. I couldn’t even whisper because it hurt so badly. Even though it was struggle, I kept talking because I had so much to talk

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