Tick Lyme Disease Research Paper

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The Top Most Common Illnesses by Tick Bites! A tick is an insect that sucks blood from the host. Its hosts may include humans and some animals. It can create swelling to the coating of the skin similar to the mosquitoes when it sucks blood. A mass of ticks can be mostly found in newly-moved meadow. Physical interaction of the host to the ticks is the regular form of transmission. Ticks are graded second to mosquitoes for being blood-sucking vectors of transmittable diseases. Lyme disease is the usual sickness that can be experienced by the hosts from tick bites. Tick bites can be annoying and can be even be skin-damaging. It could generate more inflammation than mosquito bites. Lyme disease is an infectious disease that can be caught from tick bites. This…show more content…
These diseases may bring temperature, muscle weakness, joint pain, and tiredness and muscle pain to infected persons. They may also result to other skin responses such as pus-filled bumps and nodules. Tularemia could cause demise to infected individuals if not treated immediately with correct antibiotics. Tick bites could cause serious diseases. Though tiny, ticks can put a large animal down. To prevent these diseases to befall individuals, proper safeguards should be observed. One can get rid of the ticks when the feel of being bitten is instantly felt in a skin area. Ticks can hold on the skin very strongly compared to other bloodsuckers. One may use tweezers to remove the tick and put it in a vessel for observation. Ticks and tick bites can be prevented by applying population control. Damminix is perhaps the most popular technique to get shot of the ticks. Fipronil is also an alternative measurement. This process is applied in the Maxforce Tick Management System. Guineafowl is considered to be the most natural from of regulating the populace of ticks. It can devour vast amounts of

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