The Stupidest Law Ever: Article Analysis

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Connie Yonn Professor Zaragoza English 801A May 20, 2015 Three Strikes Law Matt Taibbi, in the article “ The Stupidest Law Ever” states, that the three strikes law in California is a law mandate to imprisonment of habitual offender who is previously convicted of two prior serious criminal offences and then commit a third; as a result, twenty-five to life sentence are granted to the offender. The criminal justice system is unfair and unjust because criminal offender who committed minor crime are given long-term imprisonment from twenty-five year to life without parole, and also racial discrimination is noted in playing a part of the law (Taibbi, 2013). Many offenders served severity long terms for various low-level and nonviolent crimes. Offenders…show more content…
Also to make the law justice, judgment on the crime should be determine by the individual jury vote and then sum up to a unanimous vote in regard to the crime, not because it is three conviction and your out. A valid and fair criminal sentence should be short-term and a minimum of Five to Eight years’ sentence with parole, depending on the severity of the crime. Rehabilitation and other social care program should be offer for self-improvement and changes for the individual needs. This will make the three-strike law…show more content…
Blacks are sentence under three strikes law and are given longer term than other races. The law was unfair until the approval votes of Proposition 36 that allows human rights. Proposition 36 is a law that allow three strikes offenders the right to petition for shorter term and possible for parole. Under this proposition the third conviction has to be a felony, a serious and violent crime in order for the law to enact. Prisoners who are eligible for term reduction will have to participate in rehabilitation and will not cause threat to the public (Hernandez,

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