Nail Technician Reflection

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Coming from a low income family, I have to spend most of my free time working to pay for my living expense instead of participate in school activities. However, working as a nail technician teaches me great lessons to help me achieve my life goals as an engineer and a business person. My first lesson was dedication. Coming from a farming family, I did not know anything about the nail industry, let alone being a part of it. When I first started to work as a nail technician, I could not hold the brush properly. I took me more than two hours to finish my first acrylic set, and it did not look pretty at all. Giving up was not an option, so I practiced more one fake fingers. When fake fingers did not provide me the skill of working on actual human’s hands, I used my right hand to practice one. It was a painful experience since I had to put on and take off the acrylic power from my nails many times a day. Now I can finish a set in under thirty minutes, and I have my own regular customers. Starting a business can be challenging, but with dedication, I believe I can achieve my goals, and become a successful business person.…show more content…
At work, I usually spend extra time talking to customers to understand what they really want. Many nail technicians I know tend to eliminate this process because their incomes depend on the number of customers that they serve. Late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, once said,” People don't know what they want until you show it to them.” He was a successful business man, but I have to disagree with this quote. I believe that customers do know what they want, and my job is to match what I have to offer with what my customers want. In the future, this skill will help me leave my ego aside to listen to customers and provide them the best products that they could

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