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On the other end of the social status spectrum, a person can be affected by being part of a large community. Like isolation, popularity can lead to identity changes in an individual as that person conforms to the expectations of the surrounding community. To maintain popularity, a person must be willing to be adaptable. Certain identities are more prone to popularity than others. For example, a person who identifies as a fun-loving, carefree individual will be likely to make friends in a club than a person who constantly worries and nitpicks, even if the carefree individual is just acting a certain way to attract attention. Through Black Spruce illustrates how one’s unique identity can be sacrificed in favor of popularity. In the book, Suzanne…show more content…
Annie visits Violet’s apartment before a party, and she is given Suzanne’s clothes to wear. Annie is concerned about them being too small, but she is reassured that “Suzanne was way skinny last time [Violet] saw her” (205). Later, when Annie examines one of Suzanne’s photo shoots, Suzanne is described as having her face “frozen in ice” (232). Through these tidbits of information, it is inferred that Suzanne struggled as a model. However, since Suzanne’s story is told through Annie’s perspective, Suzanne is painted as though she is a flawless individual that looks and acts better than Annie. However, Suzanne truly seemed to be unhealthy and unhappy. Modeling is a cutthroat profession. Although the book never outright explains the troubles that Suzanne went through in New York, it would not be surprising if Suzanne was pressured into an eating disorder or a drug addiction. Suzanne’s identity seems perfect and beautiful because of her popularity, but really, she was just a victim of

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