Environmental Experiences In Mowat's Never Cry Wolf

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Never Cry Wolf is based upon a true story of the authors experiences during two years spent as a biologist. During the two years, the author is sent to study a certain species of animals in northern Canada during the mid 1950s. Mowat faces many obstacles and disturbances during his intriguing adventure but somehow seems to find all he searching for. This true story comes to many environmental senses by establishing many relationships, both positive and negative, to the natural world and beyond. The book begins by Mowat telling a quite amused story about how he left two live catfish in the toilet bowl at his grandmas house, in result to terrifying her when she got up in the middle of the night. Mowat then describes how he had always had a great love for the environment and this is why he later went on to earn a degree in Biology. After having possessed a Biology degree, Mowat then joined the Canadian Wildlife Service and was assigned a field project dealing with Arctic Wolves. The main objective of this field project was for the hope that Mowat would bring back evidence involving the supportive claim of trappers and traders, that the wolves are killing the caribou and are an obvious threat to any humans they come in contact…show more content…
Mowat then is ordered to board a Canadian Air Force plane. Mowat becomes very embarrassed by all the stuff he has to take with him: tons of weapons, and sets of vague orders that do not pinpoint where to set up camp. Mowat only find happiness in what he calls “Wolf Juice”. Wolf Juice is a mixture of Moose brand beer and the alcohol that Mowat was supplied with. The plane Mowat is aboard is a 1938 two-engine airplane that, as Mowat describes, “like him, has seen better days”. The pilot lands the plane in the middle of a frozen lake. Mowat tries to ask the pilot where he is dropping him off at, and the pilot responds saying, “The barren

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