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the short story “The Gift of Sweat” by Rebecca Brown, tells the story of a man with a mysterious disease. The story is told from what we presume is one of the men’s friends. We read about his routine with Rick, the men that is ill, and what happens to him. I like this story because is very interesting and makes me want to wonder about this character's lives and why the outcome is what it is. What makes this story so enjoyable is that it is the writing style. The way the author made us somewhat guess what the illness Rick had made the story intriguing. The way he played with context clues made me love this story. The Author has a very good use of context clues. Brown never approached some of the problems in the story directly. She gives you clues and actions within the story that make you think about what is really going on besides the main points of the story that we are reading. One example is, Author doesn’t directly say that Rick is homosexual because of some of the things we are told. One example would…show more content…
We aren’t told how Barry is directly but we know that he is dead and that he was someone very important to Rick. We know he was important to Rick because We knew Barry was sick and Rick spent his time taking care of him until he died. From this we can assume that Barry had AIDS and when he died Rick contracted the disease as well. The way the Characters develop without the readers knowing their background or their personality, just figuring out what kind of person the character is makes the reader think. When Marta says, “ I started cleaning. I usually started in the kitchen, but as soon as I set foot in there and saw the kitchen table I couldn’t.” From this simple sentence we know that Marta is very caring and wants to help Rick by cleaning his house but yet she feels she can’t because she is too worried with Rick's

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