1131 London Fire Research Paper

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Due to inconsistent and changing ways of recording history, many have disagreed with the numbers of fires that has occurred in London. There are 9 primary narrations of what happened, and because of this deciding the number of fires can be difficult. From looking at the conflicting records, I have concluded that there was 3 fires that destroyed personal and city properties. Thomas Becket, Chancellor of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, and later a martyr wrote about a fire in his father's home. His father, Gilbert Becket, was a very wealthy man who discovered his house being burned down in 1133. He then lost most of his processions and at that time would be classified as impoverished. However Annuals of Bermundsey state that this fire…show more content…
He wrote this in the 1200s. Also in the 1200s Roger of Wendover wrote about a fire in 1132 that burned London in great part. Although the time does not match to the time the Beckets recording, it is almost identical to the Annuals description, only with a lack in naming. The time once again does not match but as stated previously there are many factors that could have caused that discrepancy. Likewise, in 1200, Annuals of Worchester stated that in 1131, London was entirely burned. This information has no other primary sources that supports this. The fact that it cannot be supported is flawed and makes me wonder if this is a trustworthy author. This writer is stated to be the same as one above, so that does make me question the reliability of the writing. Annuals of Worchester also wrote another source in the 1300s that says that in 1131 London was all burned except for one ward and a half . Wards are the way London divides itself. This is the same author as two of the above sources, which after questioning one of them, it decreases the dependability of the sources, but once again there are many factors that could lead to a

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