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The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacob is a story full of teachings. The author is very peculiar by using the character’s conflicts to teach us about the main theme of the story. The author uses many methods in the story to get us to understand that we can’t change our fate. Mainly, the author makes the characters in the story go through a lot of trouble to show us the consequences of messing with destiny. Over all, this method was very effective into translating the emotions that the characters were feeling onto us, the readers. The setting in this story takes place in the White’s house and can be inferred to be contemporary. These details aren’t specified in the story but can show themselves in the context. The setting doesn’t change…show more content…
The plot of the story starts when one day, the White family suddenly receive a talisman while spending time together. They were then taught about the talisman and it’s special abilities. They were bewildered at the idea of the talisman having the ability to grant them wishes but this made them curious and eager to have them. After discussing if Rivera-2 they wanted to use it or not, they decided to make their wishes. After this, they saw that their wishes weren’t going the way they wanted it to. The Whites then tried to find out a way to fix all of the wishes that went in an unexpected direction. They decided that they would use their final wishes to make the situation better. Thinking that they could reverse their wishes, they turned out devastated seeing that they couldn’t. They never got to fix their problems brought by the unclear wishes they made, but learned from them. After this, they regretted them greatly and realized that they should have just been grateful with what they had instead of wishing for more. Lastly, the author used an unusual but effective way of getting the message he wanted to spread to his readers. By using the conflict of the characters, the readers

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