Summary Of The Dew Breaker By Edwidge Danticat

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The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat starts with a girl named Ka and her father. Ka made a sculpture and another Haitian American like herself wants to buy it from her. The piece resembles her father while he was in the prison in Haiti, hence the name of the work, Father. Ka’s father takes the sculpture and leaves really early one morning. Ka has no idea where he went, but when he comes back, he said that he took the piece and threw it into the river nearby. He then tells Ka that he was not actually a prisoner but a “dew breaker” which are the people who would torture the men in the prisons. The next mini story is about a man whose wife has lived in haiti for the past seven years and they have not seen each other since their wedding day. He…show more content…
She spends her days listening to the Haitian radio station and preparing meals for herself and the three hungry men whom she lives with. As they are walking down Parkside Avenue, she dreams of the Haitian traditions that her and her husband did not get to do, and will not be able to do due to the fact that they had already burned the dress and suit. Next is about a woman named Nadine. Nadine gets frequent letters from her mother and father who still live in Haiti. The letter are thank you notes for sending them money. They had moved and used all of their money and savings to send Nadine to nursing school and help her get a job. She frequently remembers her ex husband, Eric, and the baby she had aborted. A new patient, Ms. Hinds, and Ms. Hinds’s parents amazing relationship with her cause her to become very emotional about her unborn child especially since the Releasing of Ms. Hinds is also her due date. Next, Anne is taking her daughter and husband to church for Christmas Eve. As they drive past cemeteries, she remembers her little brother who had drowned while swimming when he was three. Her daughter does not know this, but Anne’s husband was a “dew breaker” in the prisons in…show more content…
He is ashamed of this and the torturers are also starting to be arrested for their actions so he tells everyone that he was actually a prisoner. When they get to church, Anne’s daughter sees a man that looks like the guy off of the “wanted” posters outside their salon and barber shop. Anne starts to become scared because if people are recognizing him, then they may start to recognize her husband. Anne’s daughter apologizes to her mother for scaring her into thinking it was the guy from the poster when it actually was not but still has no idea about her father’s actual past. The next story is about Dany and his journey to meet up with his aunt who lives in Haiti. He wants more information on his mother and father who both died in a fire that blinded his aunt when he was a young boy. He believes that he has found the man who set fire to his house, back in New York where he currently lives. He tells his aunt that the man has a wife and a grown daughter, he gets his hair cut by the man often, and he even lives in the room in the basement of the barber shop. His aunt died in the middle of the night and no more of his questions were ever able to be answered. A Haitian seamstress named Beatrice is getting ready to retire so a reporter, Aline, comes to ask her about her reasons for

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