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In the 1900’s women were being segregated of equality, political issues and were being belittled by men of their rights as citizens. An “American Woman’s Profession” was suppose to be seen as a proper women who was put in the household with the daily chores, taking care of the children and pleasing the husband. In the time frame of the middle and early 1900’s men were the masters of their wives, and in that society women were to follow objectives given by her husband with no objection. Nevertheless, numerous amounts of women in that time frame had degrees, but they were never allowed to use their practice. Except, some women who were forced to work while the husband stayed at home doing nothing of the sort, and when the wife returned home from…show more content…
Betty Friedan was a feminist, novelist, and an icon to the women’s movement by creating a book called The Feminine Mystique that defines women’s feelings as “the problem that has no name” assuring that women were going through depression, but them not having any idea to what is causing the problem. Until, her novel demonstrates that there is happiness other than being a housewife. The novel assured women to wake up to the truth of their terrible, non-fiction role as a wife and mother, and to realize they were being separated from: their optimism, education, and a profession. The life of a woman was miserable and unfair because towards America’s society they were seen as to taking orders rather than being able to apply their knowledge and utilizing it into serving…show more content…
The act is a symbol of no discrimination to anyone based on gender for the amount of money earned in the work place. It gives men and women the same equal amount of pay for the similar amount of labor being produce because before women were getting paid half of what men were receiving for doing the same job. It was seen that women’s salaries were reliant for the family more than the men’s since they were losing their jobs at a higher rate. Men were counting on their wives to bring home the money due to the economic catastrophe. The purpose for this act is that women are tired of being undermined by any man, and believe that with their assistance American society will benefit as well, thus, they should be given the same equality. Furthermore, with the act being employed in the workplace for everyone, women conclude that they should earn similar commission. Women were being taking advantage of being separated from the political issues, not having their rights, and not being able to have a career just like the typical American

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