Stereotypes In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Crucial, violent, gruesome, and tradition. These are just a few words that describe the lottery. This lottery isn’t like any other lottery, it’s very violent, this particular lottery goes like this. They call each family up to pick a chip out of the box, one of these chips has a black dot and whichever family gets that chip, one of them gets stoned to death. It’s crazy!! The two people who stood out to me the most were Mr Warner and Tessie Hutchinson. “Pack of crazy fools.” Mr. Warner said. “There used to be a saying about, ‘Lottery in June,crops be heavy soon.’” Warner continued. “Some places have already quit lotteries.” Mrs. Adams said. “Nothing but trouble in that.” Mr Warner said. Mr. Warner was the oldest man in the village, he was a bitter old man. He has been in the lottery for seventy-seven years and no one has ever argued or went against it, but recently things has changed. People are wanting to stop the lottery. Other villages has even realized what they had been doing was wrong and doesn't do it anymore. Mr Warner on the other hand does not like this. He has always thought that if they don’t sacrifice someone won’t be good for…show more content…
She had a husband and three kids. Her husband and kids was on time going to the lottery, but on the other had, Tessie was late. She tried to slip into the crowd without being noticed but let’s face it, everyone knew she was late. When her family was called up, they got the chip with the black dot… Tessie screamed, “This isn’t fair!” As though she knew it was rigged, like someone had purposely made her family pick the bad chip. Well the people asked if she had any children and she automatically said, “Yeah we have three.” She threw them under the bus so just maybe she wouldn’t get stoned but in the end her kids weren’t the ones getting stoned, nor was her husband, she was the one getting stoned. “It’s not fair!!” She screamed as a rock hit her in the

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