Steinberg And Rubin Summary

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Steinberg and Rubin focused on the past and post psychological aspects of contraception, unintended pregnancy, and abortion among American women. The authors mostly focused depression and depression symptoms preceding and post contraceptive behavior and unplanned pregnancy. The previously mentioned problem was thoroughly outlined within the article. A clear correlation among contraceptive behavior, unintended pregnancy, abortion and the onset of depression were examined. It was concluded that the lack of correctly using contraceptive or not using contraceptive which led to an unplanned pregnancy and/or an abortion was related to depressive symptoms. Steinberg and Rubin approached the problem from several avenues; they examined the progressive medical and…show more content…
It was discussed how contraception progression and availability has resulted in birth control methods being improved and how policies have been implemented to alleviate some of the stress associated with unintended pregnancy. The authors theoretical framework was that of cognitive behavioral. The relationship between the author’s theoretical and research perspectives was that they were examined using a critical and multifaceted lens in order to convey the full extent of psychological processes that have occurred for over 50% of American women who have experienced an unintended pregnancy. The author’s has evaluated the literature relevant to contraception behavior and unplanned pregnancy. The author’s has also incorporated numerous literary sources that were equally informative about the presented problem. The author’s has presented an objective basis to the reasoning and this was achieved by thoroughly examining how American women mental processes may be or may not be correlated to the onset of depression as a result of contraception behavior and decisions related unintended

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