Stanley Milgram's Observation To Learn

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The Stanley Milgram Experiment volunteers were asked to come to a lab to investigate learning. The volunteers were introduced to a man who they thought was another volunteer, but he was really an actor. The actor always ended up as the “learner,” and the volunteer as the “Teacher.” The “Teacher” and the “Learner” were separated into different rooms. The learner was “hooked up” to a machine that the teacher thought they controlled. The teacher was to up the voltage every time the learner answered a question wrong, and then shock them. If the learner didn’t answer within 45 seconds, the teacher was to count the answer wrong and shock the learner. The voltage went up to four hundred and fifty. Scientist estimated that % of the “Teachers” would…show more content…
Over half of the volunteers obeyed and listen to the scientist. I couldn’t believe that over half of the volunteers continued throughout the whole experiment. They believed that they were sending 450 volts of shock into the learner because he was answering the question wrong. Even after they felt a low voltage their self’s. I feel like if I was put in that situation, I defiantly couldn’t go as far as 450 volts! One guy even asked why there weren’t more knobs on the machine for higher voltage! Even though they were obeying authority from the scientist, they shouldn’t have put the other person’s life at stake. They should have more respect for their self and the other person. 78 Year Old Man Gets Hit by Car A man was walking down the road and a car hits him, sends him flying into the air and landing in pain on the ground. The car didn’t stop, the person just kept driving. People on the side of the street seen but either kept walking, or stopped and watched while the man laid in the middle of the street in pain. Cars swerved to drive by him, no one would help him. I cannot believe that no one helped this old man, I am truly shocked. They just

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