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Soul Surfer is about a 13 year old girl, Bethany that loves to surf. While out surfing on with a friend and her family, Bethany was bitten by a shark. Ironically it was Halloween morning. This story tells you of her determination, her spirit, and her faith in God. It shows you the strength of a thirteen year old that would let anything get her down, stop her from not surfing, or anything else in life. This young girl became a hero to a lot of people and a role model for children. Courageous Teenager The book I read was Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton. It is a story about her courageous recovery from a shark bite and losing her left arm at the shoulder. (Hamilton, 2004). She was only thirteen years old when it happened and she had a promising career as a professional surfer. She is a strong person. Her story is about faith, persistence, and family support. She is an amazing survivor.…show more content…
Cheri grew up in San Diego, California and loved to surf (Soul Surfer Mom, n.d.). Tom grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey, he too was a surfer (Boehi, 2011). Both moved to Hawaii to pursue their love for surfing. Cheri and Tom both went to Hawaii to go surfing. While there they met, started dating, and ended up getting married (Soul Surfer Mom, n.d.). They had three children: Noah, Timothy and Bethany. All three children shared their passion to surf; Bethany more so than her brothers. She was happiest in the water, and her goal was to become a pro surfer. Bethany was homeschooled which allowed her more time to work on her surfing

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