Societal Excerpt From 'Female Chauvinistic Pigs'

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Jason Driskel Ms. Urmi ENC 1102 13 September 2014 Societal Expectation In society today, it is necessary to wonder if what a person acts like is truly are they are on the inside. We are not living the lives we want, but we are living the lives we think others want of us. We as a society are trying to live up to expectations all the time. Ariel Levy explains a specific example in her excerpt from “Female Chauvinistic Pigs”, she describes how women in society today are conforming to a culture that has created a lower standard for them and in essence are becoming trapped by that same society. If a person accepts the distorted view of himself or herself set by another person or group of people that is called “tomming”. This stems from the American…show more content…
It truly is unfair to people who could be very special and aren’t because they are afraid to break what is normal. Imagine all of the great things we have in this world that we wouldn’t if people didn’t break social norms. We would still think the world is flat and we would still be using candles at night. Unfortunately even after we know that being different often leads to ground breaking achievements we still are stubborn enough not to accept people who aren’t the same as everyone else. So obviously tomming is still very prevalent…show more content…
This has created stereotypes that not only are unfair but also are just plain ignorant. A lot of Americans, especially white Americans now think that everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist and hates America. Now, in airports, people of Middle Eastern decent are question, examined, or screened more often that all other races combined; that on top of all the stares that person would receive from others in the airport could make someone want to change. People from the Middle East might not dress how their religion or culture dictates they should dress because of how they are treated here. This stereotype can also create a scenario in which someone might act like someone they are not in order to avoid this prejudice. They might not pray, speak or act as they normally would. This is an example of how society can create unwanted change in a person: this is tomming. This change of beliefs is forced upon a person and is a total negative when it comes to being yourself and having human rights. Ideally, people should always be themselves with no penalty because they are slightly

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