Shoplifting Informative Speech

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General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates of the importance of shoplifting prevention in retail. Thesis: Shoplifting prevention is important, because the business owners are not the only one’s negatively affected by shoplifting; employees and customers are also affected negatively. I. Introduction A. I’m sure we all know the meaning of shoplifting. You may know it as “boosting” or “the five finger discount”. No matter the name the meaning remains the same; which is to steal items from a store. (attention-getter & common ground) B. According to a 2015, Riverton Ranger article, in the United States more than $13 billion in merchandise is stolen every year; and one of every 11 people is a shoplifter (Keen, 2015).…show more content…
II. Body A. How does shoplifting effect employees 1. It Prevents or limits opportunities for raises. When the company’s profits dwindle substantially, higher wage opportunities are snuffed out. If profits continue to plummet layoffs might occur. 2. Employee’s well-being can be endangered. Some companies prohibit employees from confronting thieves, minimizing the chance of physical injury. However, feelings of incompetence and despair may plague employees if they believe theft incidents will affect raise or promotion opportunities. Transition: Shoplifting also effects consumers in two major ways: B. How does shoplifting effect customers 1. An increase in merchandise price. In order to offset high retail crime cost customer pay higher prices. According to a 2011 Sentinel news article, “the extra amount consumers pay to offset cost is about $450 per family” (Redmond, 2011). 2. Customers’ emotional well-being could be endangered. A customer who solely witness’ a theft may suffer from anxiety and confusion regarding the decision to report the crime. Transition: Now allow me to enlighten you about prevention tools and techniques C. Preventions for

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