Samuel Cartwright's 'Drapetomania'

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In an effort to justify the slave system, Southerners used many tactics to highlight their reasoning. The used of scientific theory and society prospering was two of the method used by Southerners to give reasons for the institution of slavery. Diseases that are claimed to be unique to African Americans explored as reasoning for rebellious behavior. Also, sociologist argued that slaves are needed to keep the active progression of society. Samuel Cartwright and Virginian George Fitzhugh sheds light on efforts of Southerners to keep the institution of slavery. In his article, Samuel Cartwright discussed two diseases that are unique to Africans Americans. “Drapetomania” and “Dysaethesia Aethiopica” are the two illness that affect slaves. George…show more content…
Describing the lives of slaves and their surroundings, he emphasizes on the factors that make slaves prone to freedom.He stresses the fact that Slaves wanting to be free is a disease that effects on American Americans. Cartwright writes “the cause, in the most of the case, that induces the Negro to run away from service, is as much a disease of the mind”. Outlining the disease of “Drapetomania”, it is the cause slaves wanting to run away. Drapetomania is when a slave is addicted to attempting to escape plantations. Cartwright’s characterization of this disease is one of which that can cure with the right procedure. Another illness that cartwright stresses on is “Dysaethesia Aethiopica”, which affected both free and enslaved African Americans. “Dysaethesia Aethiopica” , is the feeling of laziness that occurs due to lack of work. In order to cure Dysaethesia Aethiopica, one must perform daily tasks to increase the intake of oxygen and keeps their blood flowing. Samuel Cartwright’s theory explained the efforts scientific reasoning to limit slaves from being emancipated. The behavior projected by slaves thought as being diseases. The actions that were considered diseases are the dull normality of African Americans that was theorize as curable with the institution of…show more content…
He compares the Southern society to the North, saying that the South is better off with slaves. Having slaves in the South makes it a more prosperous society, where there is less socioeconomic completion. People in the South live a happier life since that are not being control by the wage system. Fitzhugh states “we have no mobs, no trade unions, no strikes for higher wages, no armed resistance to the law, but little jealousy of the rich by the poor”. In making the statement, he is projecting that the North should be more like the South by allowing the institution of slavery. He is urging that a society where slavery is allowed will lead to a more develop nation. George Fitzhugh argued that slavery was necessary because African American needed protection from slave owners. During this period, Fitzhugh article of the positivity of slavery is encouraging the need for slaves. By examining the positivity of slaves in the South, he is urging more people to own slaves since it helps the growth of society. He addresses the helpfulness and positivity of having a pro-slave; Fitzhugh article sheds light on the fact that if slavery is active is should

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