Descriptive Language In Igbo Language

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In (21) Ọ́ yé vbẹ́ is a morpheme of fear expressing the subjunctive mood. From sentences (10) to (21) above, we note that in the Igbo language, the use of the subjunctive is very limited: only one marker Kà is used to indicate the subjunctive. Rather, the Edo language has several markers, namely, Ọ̀ yé vbẹ́, Á kpá wẹ́rẹ̀, má yáyí wẹ́rè, dá ímà wẹ́rè et ghá tè. However, in Edo, where we should use the subjunctive, the conditional might be used to give the same sense of the subjunctive in French, for example in (13) and (14), especially in terms of verb conjugation . This demonstrates the verbs in these two Nigerian languages, spoken mainly by our subjects do not undergo any morphological change, unlike the French. Generally, we believe that it very probable to witness some of the phenomena observed above in some other Nigerian languages spoken by our subjects as their native languages especially those belonging to the same linguistic groups. We also believe that the points of divergence in the subjunctive, between French, on one hand, and the English and Nigerian languages, on the other hand, are likely engender linguistic interference in our French learners. However, we agree with Boniface Igbeneghu (2013: 139) that "... the greater the difference between two languages, the…show more content…
Mrs. Olabisi Ihenyen, former medical director of Uselu Psychiatric Hospital and currently a Consultant at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. She revealed that students who register for a subject against their wish are like a girl who had an unwanted pregnancy. She added that the reaction of the girl who has an unwanted pregnancy could be either abortion, or to abandon the baby after birth or to keep the baby seeing it as not being the end of the world. This is the same dilemma of a student admitted to study a course he/she has no interest in. Due to the lack of interest in the course, the student might

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