Robert Graves 'Theseus': An Ancient Greek Myth

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“Theseus” retold by Robert Graves is an ancient Greek myth which portrays a strong yet arrogant hero, Theseus. The conclusion of the myth revolves around Theseus and his friend, Peirithous, who travel down to Tartarus expecting to court Persephone and steal her from Hades. However, Hades deceives the two men by proposing they sit on a bench, which traps them and consequently prevents any escape. Furthermore, Theseus’ fatal flaw is his excessive pride which leads to his downfall. He is too arrogant to see his mistake of challenging Hades and as a result, does not learn anything by the end of the story. Theseus’s character is proven to be arrogant and haughty. For example, in order to kill the Minotaur in the labyrinth, Theseus had help from

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