Relationship Between Zeus And Persephone

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Dryad: Hidden in the mist, I could still hear the voice of Alpheaus calling. Terrified, I rushed along the rocky ground until Diana, pitying me, opened up a crevice amongst the rocks, allowing me to escape. I flowed in the darkness for quite some time, until I stumbled upon Pluto’s realm. It was there that I saw Persephone, sitting next to his throne by the side of the king with a terrible sadness on her face. I wanted nothing but to ask how she came to that place, but I feared to stay and continued flowing until I came into the blessed sunlight. Demeter: *Eagerly listening* Many thanks Arethusa! I must head to Olympus at once and discuss these matters with Zeus! *walks out of the room and then returns with Zeus in the scene. Demeter bows…show more content…
Demeter: *stomps her way out, comes back to the scene with the fields* What utter nonsense! Zeus is a cowardly man! I vow that the earth shall never bear another good fruit and shall lie cold and hard until justice is brought to my daughter and I. Narrator: And just as Demeter vowed, the crops of the earth blackened and died, the leaves fell from all the trees, the flowers disappeared and well, you get the point. Man of course, suffered and prayed with Demeter to Zeus that her daughter be returned to Demeter’s good graces. Zeus: Alright, alright! Your daughter shall be return, IF she has not tasted the food for the kingdom of the dead. If she has, the Fates forbid she return. Narrator: Overjoyed and filled with hope that her daughter would soon return, she made haste through the dark tunnel that led to the underworld. Just as the Dryad claimed, Persephone was seated on a throne next to Pluto, with a terrible sorrow in her eyes. However, upon seeing her mother, Persephone jumped up in delight with her old love and youthfulness. However, the reunion lasted short as- Pluto: *Thundering voice* Who dares intrude my…show more content…
Demeter: That it is his will you release Persephone at once. Pluto: You lie to me sister, I can see it in your eyes. You tell not the full truth. What else did he say? Demeter: Very well. The conditions of giving her back are only if she has not eaten your food. Pluto: Well I’m afraid that’s too bad. Why, you were so close to winning her back. Just this morning I brought her a ripe pomegranate, and of that she ate six seeds. Is it not true Persephone? Narrator: It was true indeed. Persephone, upon hearing her fate, broke down and wept bitterly. But the brave Demeter would not give up just yet... Demeter: *In Olympus* Zeus! You can’t keep her held there because of six tiny pomegranate seeds can you? You must do something! Zeus: *Pauses to think* Very well. For every seed Persephone has eaten she must remain for one month of the year in the underworld. For the rest, she is

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