Reality Television Analysis

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Reality TV is defined as portraying real life shows (mainly not scripted) on television. Reality TV trend was introduced approximately thirty years ago. In this article “Reality TV, or The Secret Theater of Neoliberalism” author Nick Couldry explained reality television with respect to neoliberal system. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that there is a connection between reality television norms and neoliberalism. Additionally, Couldry linked neoliberalism with common sense, which is natural and cannot be changed. He explained that common sense could be seen in reality TV shows, because people use their brain when they are under surveillance. Moreover, this article shows that natural system like common sense cannot be challenged because this is something fixed in individual. In this article, Couldry wants to…show more content…
Besides that emotional labour is a form of acting, in which you have to be very gentle and polite with your work and customer (Couldry 2008). Couldry referred emotional work to the system of cruelty because in her opinion sometimes employee is so exhausted to act cool. Managers or usually the business owners wants there employees to work according to their rules and regulations. So according to Marxists point of view employees are proletariat (working class) who are working to earn. There is no equity is working class and bourgeoisie. Therefore, there is no freedom in the neoliberal thoughts. Couldry also talked about reality television and neoliberalism. Television shows represents the thoughts of neoliberalism by the reality TV shows by showing some real content and real life stories. She presented her findings by an example of famous reality show “Big

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