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Cassius Chaerea was a Roman man who rose to the rank of centurion. He was the man who assassinated Gaius “Caligula” Germanicus. Caligula was an infamous emperor who ruled Rome for four years, 37 AD-41 AD, with an iron fist. He started out as a popular emperor, but he soon lost all favor due to numerous instances of depravity. He wrongfully convicted wealthy men of crimes to receive their fortunes. He executed young men while their parents watched for his personal amusement. He did everything for his personal gain and cared nothing for Rome. The citizens loathed him, but they could not speak out. For example, one man spoke out against Caligula. Caligula killed the man, his wife, and his 12-year-old daughter. Caligula was literally insane and had incorrigible ruthlessness. These reasons were not the only deciding factor in Chaerea’s assassination. There was also a personal level for him. Although Chaerea was a hero in helping…show more content…
This was not a man who was nobly sacrificed. This was an insane serial killer who committed innumerable crimes against humanity itself. For example, one time the Coliseum ran out of prisoners to execute just before his favorite part: the lions eating helpless men. Caligula ordered the first five rows of spectators to be thrown into the ring, and hundreds of bystanders were devoured for his amusement. Another, more horrible instance, was mentioned before. A man spoke out against Caligula’s rule. Caligula had his family executed, one by one by seniority. He forced the youngest, the man’s 12-year-old daughter, to watch her entire family be executed. Before he killed her, it was made clear that she could not be executed because she was a virgin. Caligula simply smiled, raped the young girl, and proceeded to saw her in half. This is one of many examples of depravity that suffered no consequence until one brave man and his loyal conspirators risked everything to stop

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