Burger King's Ethos Pathos Logos

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There are a lot of companies that are recognized easily by their logo, Burger King is one of them. The first design of Burger King’s logo was created in 1967 (Content and Imagery, 2012). It “almost looks the same; a rounded figure with tilted fonts painted in catchy colors. The logo consists of two halves of a bun with the name of the company in the center” (Content and Imagery, 2012). When we talk about logos used in the fast food industry, a lot of times it’s hard to represent the public you’re going for but for this company it hasn’t been that hard: The Burger King logo demonstrates an alluring and vivacious image of a fast food restaurant, which is ideal for the fast food culture amongst the teenagers. The sparkling colors used in the…show more content…
It’s called the McWhopper. We wanted to create an iconic product with a good reason: peace. In collaboration with McDonalds we want to make a combination of their Big Mac and our Whopper, it would be only produced on September 21st because of the International Peace Day. It’s intended to make history in how we want to make peace with them. They would be given with no cost. (McWhopper web, 2015) The resources needed are their ingredients for the Big Mac, and our ingredients for the whopper. A Pop-up store, which will be the only place where you will find the McWhopper and employees who want to work with us that day. The main problem is that McDonald’s has denied our invitation the first time, but we will keep trying because if we make the paces, we could have and incredible business relationship in a future. The possible solution is paying them a good amount of money, and it doesn’t matter if we lose a little, in a future we can win more. I´m a store manager, I can´t work from home because I have to be at the store. I work for long periods and sometimes I can travel. The skills my job requires are: Being good with people, capacity to handle with technical problems, being able to bring a good service, leadership, being organized, be capable of work under pressure,

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