Pros And Cons Of Protective Orders Really Work

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1. Do you think protective orders enhance victim safety? I think protective orders enhances victim safety to a certain extent, depending on the offender. Protective orders will keep most offenders from contacting and away from the victim, however other offenders show no interest in caring about the consequences following the violation of a protective order. For some people protective orders are just a piece of paper and does not mean much if not anything to them. The video, “Do Restraining Orders Really Work?” Is a perfect example of my statements above. According to the video many victims who had restraining orders have been killed by their offender. List two advantages and two disadvantages? One advantage of protection orders is they grant relief which is…show more content…
Majority of people doesn’t want to be stalked or beat up. They are both serious issues and can lead to a victim coming up dead. They both can also take a toll on a person’s life if the proper help is not received. Lastly, they are both very violent and dangerous acts committed by those who need serious help. 6. Teen violence and relationship abuse is a huge problem. Why? Teen violence and relationship abuse is a huge problem because they are starting out early, meaning they are started a trend of being victims and abusers at an early age. It is also a problem because it can lead to various bad things occurring, for example murders, suicides, murder suicide, depression, cutting, and a host of other things. It is a huge problem because it can lead to short and long term issues for both the victim and the abuser. 7. Evaluating what you have learned in class, what do you think are the two most effective solutions to domestic violence and how would you implement it? Consider the role of stalking in your strategies. One should be preventive and the other responsive. Sell each approach and explain why it will work. Feel free to be

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