Prince Radburn's Character In Oedipus The King

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Far away in the city of Volos, there was a powerful young prince in need of a princess to marry. Prince Radburn could not obtain his deceased fathers fortunes and powers until he married and became a king. However, the prince was very picky in his choices, though he had many, the prince saw many of his picks to be obsolete and flat out ugly. He kept searching, having all of his advisors looking near and far for a worthy princess. His advisors searched all of the kingdoms, but could not find a worthy candidate. Finally, Prince Radburn swept through the kingdoms and searched himself. Along his journey, he got thirsty and stopped for a drink at the local market in the village of Volos. There, a peasant named Abela sold him their finest refreshments.…show more content…
After careful preparation, the great Goddess of Marriage figured out the perfect plan. She decided not to be mean, but instead to give her great husband a present. In order for the present to be complete, Hera needed both the Prince, and the peasant. She tricked them into meeting her by the shore, they quickly agreed thinking she was turning Prince Radburn into a peasant. After arriving to the shore, they were in distraught when the seen the goddess with ropes, and a knife. Quickly, she tied them up and slit their chests wide open, ripped out their hearts and carefully sewed them together. As a result, the two hearts combined to create the heart shape we use today. The two bodies were tossed into the ocean for Poseidon to deal with. After making her way back up Mt. Olympus, she found Zeus. She told her husband there was a present for him on the porch. After hearing this news, he ran to the porch and opened the bloody box. After realizing what whose two hearts made up the main one, he felt saddened. Screaming at Hera for what she had done, he asked why she did such a thing. Grinning at his question, she quickly informed him of her knowledge of the affair with

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