Plastic Beach: A Short Story

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on every wednesday at around three in the afternoon, the same events would happen over and over. a girl with fair skin, awfully, short blue hair with bangs that swept over her eyes, chestnut colored biker gloves, and goggles sitting around her head like a crown, would enter the record store in search for the same album. plastic beach. and on those specific days at that specific time, the same cashier would notice the same exact events. when this unusual chain first occurred, he found it strange and had a small amount of fear towards the girl, but as time progressed and the series of events would occur more often, he grew used to it and expected her presence. but today it was different too different. she had yet to arrive. after what he assumed to be…show more content…
she followed behind him while looking at the walls, observing every record that was hung and probably unused. while he scanned the two albums, she squinted to read his name tag, "well... calum.. you must really enjoy hanging up those records on the walls." "i do actually, i find the style very original, it really sets off the vibe for the store." the girl gasped in disgust, "vinyls aren't decoration, they're art." "art and decoration depends on the person. when you think about it, everything is art." his response left her speechless, "by the way, the albums will be thirty dollars and twenty-eight cents" "i know," she answered scornfully while rummaging through her backpack. just like her, her wallet was unique, cartoon characters of all sorts scattered across it. she pulled out random amounts of five and one dollar bills and all sorts of coins. calum slowly took a hold of the money, counting the amount. "you're five dollars short," calum spoke not looking up at the girl to see her reaction. "what? how can that be? i have been saving up for over three months, i don't have any money

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