Personal Narrative: The City Of Sam Houston

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Right about now, most people are infatuated in the coming fall weather, as the leaves change from their usual greens to wonderful shades of yellow, orange, and brown. Around this time I can imagine the place I call home and all of its wonders. Being from the small town of Houston, Missouri had so many benefits to enjoy. From the Friday night football stadium being filled with people, to the outskirts where you could just get away from city life and relax, you got to see what a small town was like. Being the second largest town in the county, you would figure that it would be more popular but due to the recent issues with narcotics as well as the 2013 National Murder Spree, it has shown people a negative side of Houston. This could be said the…show more content…
It was named this because it was supposed to be as brave and strong of a town as Houston was making, as well as some of its first residents were from Texas as they were trying to move after the Mexican-American war. Houstons’ biggest landmarks are a local arena that hosts the Texas County Demolition Derby yearly, and being the second biggest city in the county makes it a great spot to come and see as well as a monument towards the center of town that is dedicated to the founders of the city, and those who made Houston become a major city inside Texas County. Inside the town is the feeling of an old timey town with a local diner, a bar, and a main street where there are all of the store vendors selling their goods. Recent events have caused the population of Houston, as well as the tourism rates to decrease, almost to a ten percent drop from the last census that was taken. In “Take the F” he makes mention about the sounds of the train, and the smell of the Brooklyn air while describing the positives of Brooklyn at the same time. Houston has a railroad that still runs through it and roughly around 10-11pm at least twice a week, you can hear the train as it rushes over the tracks, you can smell the smoke the engine lets loose and you get a quiet night with just the sounds of the train and the outdoors. I think that using “Take the F” might just be a story that should be put…show more content…
There were things like a park, dedicated to the memory of Emmitt Kelly, also known as “Weary Willie”. It had a local swimming pool where it was the most popular spot for kids in the summer as well as being right around the park so parents could have a break. Most of all, I remember a certain spot that everyone went to because it was the only gas station in town. Pump N’ Pantry was its name, now it is a Shell, was the only gas station around the town, and everyone was there at some time or another to get gas. It made the town feel closer together because you would have everyone there at some time or another and you got to see everyone since the town was so small. You knew everyone by name or by some kind of nickname. There were so many people that lived outside the city because they owned acres upon acres of property just outside of it and would want to stay away from the noise of the train and the incoming guests. Houston did have some competition with population as its biggest town in less than an hour down a highway to a town called Cabool. Other than those two towns, the closest anyone hears of Houston is from the city of Rolla where the University of Missouri-Rolla, or Missouri S&T is located. They all compete in events to try and outdo one another. The biggest event of all comes in the fall, and fits a small town well:

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