Personal Narrative: My Trip To Southern Indiana Home

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It was June 10th 2015, my mother and I were in our large southern Indiana home while the weather was sweltering. The maid had just arrived at the house and went to get me another lemonade just like she does every other hot summer day. As I throw back my third glass of lemonade, I hear my mother talking to her friend on the phone about our trip to New York City. “Yes Laquisha, I have to take Nova! Parker won’t watch her, he’s too busy with Rachel to watch him own daughter…” whispered my mother in her iPhone. I began to walk around the house to begin packing for a trip that I did not even want to go on. It took me about 3 hours to pack all my colorful t-shirts and running shorts into an oversized suitcase. “Nova, honey, come down here I need…show more content…
I began to walk down the spiral stairs to the kitchen where my mother and father were sharing concerned looks between each other. “Honey Pie!” shouted my father with excitement when I got to the door way, “You look so much taller, are you drinking your milk?” “What is he doing here?” I asked my mother not daring to look into the eyes of the man that betrayed me. “Don’t talk to about your father like that! He drove all the way here just to see you,” my mom hastily replied. “Fine, why are you here Dad? Or should I call you a trader? What could you possibly want?” I asked my father as if I were a detective. “Baby, it’s not like that! I’m here to fix all of this, I am here to explain to you what is happening,” he explained, “Your mother and I have decided that since you do not want to go to New York with her, that you are coming to Owensboro with Rachel and I to bond together; as a family!” “You’re joking, right? Why would I want to be near the woman that tore this family apart? I’m not going with you,I’d rather be in NYC than with you and ‘her’. Just leave dad, you might get the smell of your whore to stay in our walls,” I rudely snarled to my father. “Chloe!” my mother yelled in my direction. “You can’t speak to your father like that! He helped raise

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